GPS Location and Track Recorder

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GPS Location and Track Recorder

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GPS location recording and sharing application has the following main features:

1. Record the user's current location GPS latitude and longitude information.

2. Edit the recorded name of the location and description.

3. List View all recorded location information.

4. Marked on the map all recorded location information.

5. Export all the location information records by mail.

6. Support TXT, CSV, JSON, XLS, GPX, KML,XLS and UTM 7 kinds of export file format.

7. Via SMS or e-mail to the user's current location GPS latitude and longitude information to tell others.

8. Share current GPS location to facebook, twitter and so on.

9. Provide Speedometer,Odometer,Altimeter to measure the speed, distance and altitude.

The application usage scenarios:
1. do remote monitoring system of the enterprise user, you can use the application to collect monitoring equipment location.

2. individual users like adventure travel, you can use the application record key locations traversed. Or feel free to share the tourist spots to others.

3. friends, weddings and other important moments are not familiar with the place given location friend.

4. traveling employees can share the position to the company.

5. out of the child, can put the position to share with parents.

6. lost, you can set the location to a friend, in order to locate a friend to help.

7. disaster relief, you can share your own location to the rescue personnel.

8. to a new environment, you can record residence, important sites, in order to avoid getting lost.

9. out when traveling by car, the recording stop location for tourism after finding the car.

10. friend or family can know your GPS location from facebook or Twitter.

11. measure runing or walk speed and distance.

12. measure the altitude when climbing.

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