A Hill in Korea (Hell in Korea) (1956)

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A Hill in Korea (Hell in Korea) (1956)

1956 | Action | Drama

81 mins United Kingdom

British war movie. A mixed group of regular army troops and national servicemen (conscripts) find themselves trapped behind enemy lines during the Korean War. Turns up a lot as the answer to pub quiz questions as this was Michael Caine's first film (he comes at the very bottom of the cast list, and was partly employed as he'd served in the war and could give technical advice, most of which he says was ignored).

Produced by Wessex Films
Director Julian Amyes
Writer Anthony Squire, Ian Dalrymple and Max Catto (novel)
Cast George Baker, Harry Andrews, Stanley Baker, Michael Caine, Ronald Lewis, Stephen Boyd, Victor Maddern, Harry Landis and Robert Shaw

war drama

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