iAntiTheft - Anti Theft Alarm Security

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iAntiTheft - Anti Theft Alarm Security

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"iAntiTheft is the best anti theft alarm security app for your phone.
Includes powerful functions to protect your phone from thieves!"

- With Anti-Theft, you can always protect your phone without any fear of theft, with 4 strong protection modes:
● Power: alarm theft when lightning cable is un-plugged.
● Motion: alarm theft when device is moved.
● Pocket: alarm theft when phone is picked out from pocket.
● Earpod: alarm theft when ear-phone is un-plugged.

- Smart feature: help you choose a protection mode automatically, just tap and let we decide which mode suitable.

In addition, Anti-Theft detects when you have a phone call / activate Siri...
The protection avoids to make an alarm in those cases.
After the phone call is gone, just put your device back to required state.

Other Features:
- Integrate with device passcode & TouchID.
- Auto lock maximum volume control.
- Run in the background and lock mode.
- Support Today Widget from notification center.
- Support 3D Touch in iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S+.
- UI/UX is best optimized and simple to use.

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