JaybirdRUN Wireless Headphones

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JaybirdRUN Wireless Headphones

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Whether you’re searching for running headphones or a professional wireless speaker set that is water - and sweat proof, you’ll find the Jaybird RUN to your satisfaction. The Jaybird RUN wireless headphones are light as a bird, yet tough as iron. Designed to fit any ear shape and for virtually any athletic application, these wireless headphones are designed to handle sweat, rain and even mud. The Jaybird RUN are true wireless earbuds that provide users with a secure and comfortable fit, regardless of the shape of their ear. Interchangeable tips and fins that are included in the package permit a custom fit. Just put them in and forget you’re wearing them. RUN’s interchangeable tips and fins give you a highly comfortable fit that stays in place while you push for a new personal best.

The downloadable Jaybird app allows users to customize the sound for a distinct music experience. This app permits you to adjust low, mid and high levels to create a sound that fits your style. These wireless headphones for athletes feature a dual-battery system with fast charging on the go. The headphone battery will run strong for 4 hours, plus an additional 8 hours with the portable charging case. They can also be used for mobile phones. The Jaybird RUN gives users true wireless earbuds with a mic and a single control button, so you can power your run without breaking focus. They are also very quick to charge. A 5 minute fast charge gives you 1 hour of play time, which means you never have to train without motivation.

Performance upgrades are also possible by downloading updated firmware. Get firmware updates that ensure your true wireless headphones are always performing at their top level. The latest firmware to improve Bluetooth connectivity is available on the Jaybird website.

Available on Sep 14, 2017

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