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Korean Cooking

2014 | Food & Drink

This book helps you discover one of the world's great cuisines with 150 recipes shown in 800 photographs. It is the perfect illustrated source book and practical instruction course on Korean cooking, characterized by fresh ingredients, delicate tastes and spicy dishes. It includes an introduction to the geography, climate, history, culinary traditions and regional dishes of Korea, as well as Korean equipment, techniques and foods. You can sample the delights of Sweet Cinnamon Pancakes, Octopus and Watercress Soup, Beef and Asian Pear Salad, Monkfish with Soya Beansprouts, Korean Chive Sangchae, and Green Tea Ice Cream. Traditional Korean dishes are healthy and low in fat, and rely on seasonings and spices such as garlic, red chilli paste (gochujang), soya bean paste (doenjang), pepper and ginger. This sumptuous book contains over 150 deliciously aromatic recipes for Kimchi; Street Snacks & Quick Bites; Soups & Broths; Rice & Noodles; Fish & Shellfish; Chicken & Pork; Beef; Vegetables, Salads & Tofu; Vegetable Accompaniments; and Sweets, Cakes & Drinks. In Korea, diners compliment cooks by saying that their food has a gamchilmat, meaning it suffuses the whole mouth with taste.The wide-ranging recipes shown here will allow you to experience this distinctive magic.

Published by Anness Publishing

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ISBN 9781780194097
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