Legend Quest

2017 | Animation

In LEGEND QUEST, Leo San Juan always tried his best to keep hidden the secret that he can communicate with supernatural forces, but when a monster threatens the people in his village, he embraces his ability to save them. That sets off a series of adventures around the world with his team: Don Andres, the eccentric conquistador ghost, the unflappable Teadora, and Alebrije, a shape-shifting, multicolored creature. Together this intrepid group faces off with the likes of the Jersey Devil and a Golem, all to protect the world from the evil intentions of the serpent god Quetzalcoatl and his minions.

Network Netflix
Creator(s) José Alejandro García Muñoz
Producer(s) Fernando de Fuentes, José C. García de Letona, Jim Krieg, Diego Avalos, Andy Yeatman
Cast Johnny Rose, Annemarie Blanco, Oscar Cheda, Paul Tei and Cydney J. Fam


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