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Liar Liar [Audiobook]

2022 | Crime | Thriller

He swore he would always protect me, that he would take my darkest secret to the grave. But I’m starting to think he hasn’t told me his…

My husband and I are the dream couple: deeply in love, the envy of all our friends and neighbours. He surprises me with flowers, I make him his favourite meals and prepare picnics to enjoy with our son. It’s little gestures like this that keep our romance alive.

But nobody knows how frightened I am at night. Oliver promises he’ll keep me safe, but I can’t stop feeling like someone from my past is watching me. Coming for me. I could have sworn I saw someone watching me through the window, lurking in the shadows across the street. As I triple check that the doors are locked, and kiss my son goodnight, I’m terrified that someone knows my unspeakable secret, and that soon everything I love will be taken away…

And when my husband comes home with blood on his hands on the same night our neighbour goes missing, I realise I am not the only one hiding a terrible secret.

We are both lying. But when the truth finally comes to light, who will survive?

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