Midnight Redemption (Bonded By Blood Vampire Chronicles #6)

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Midnight Redemption (Bonded By Blood Vampire Chronicles #6)

2020 | Paranormal | Romance

Obsession doesn't begin to cover it.

Soul mate. Eternal love. Even those words don't do her justice.

I crave her.

I need her.

And yet this damned prophecy looms over every stolen moment we’ve had together.

The entire supernatural world is coming at us like a comet, bent on destroying those we love.

Come heaven or hell, I'll protect her.

No matter what the cost.

No matter who I have to kill.

Even if I have to die to keep her safe.
Read the final book of the Bonded By Blood Vampire Chronicles NOW!

Although this is the conclusion of the series, it is written as a stand-alone novel for new readers.

The books in this paranormal romance series for adults are written as standalone novels, but they are better enjoyed if they are read in order.

Reader Advisory: This is vampire romance with sex and it has historical settings as a backdrop.

Historical Paranormal Romance

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