Monos (2019)

2019 | Drama | Thriller

105 mins Colombia

Colombian drama-thriller. A group of eight child soldiers are keeping an American engineer hostage on a remote mountainside, but tensions within the squad begin to mount after they are placed in charge of a cow that their movement has been given. As the group begins to disintegrate, will any of them get away in one piece? Made on location in the Colombian wilderness; some of the sites in the movie had never been filmed before due to the sheer difficulty of getting a camera crew there.

Produced by Stela Cine
Director Alejandro Landes
Writer Alexis Dos Santos and Alejandro Landes
Cast Sofia Buenaventura, Julian Giraldo and Karen Quintero

Main Image Courtesy: Neon.
Background Image Courtesy: Neon.
Images And Data Courtesy Of: Stela Cine.
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