No Such Thing as a Free Sandwich

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No Such Thing as a Free Sandwich

2022 | Card Game | Humor | Party Game

No Such Thing as a Free Sandwich is a mint tin party game for 2-8 players, ages 13+. Down to their last few slices of bread, players compete with one another in a variety of challenges to make the best (or worst) sandwiches according to a handful of different score categories such as "Taste", "Affordability", "Wow Factor", and more, using a hodgepodge of ingredients.

At the beginning of the game, each player draws 3 ingredient cards to add to their hand. Each ingredient card has different stat categories that affect how desirable an ingredient is for a given Challenge. At the beginning of each round, a Challenge card is drawn. The Challenge card outlines which stat categories each player’s sandwich should have. Players must play a minimum of 1 card for their sandwich. Cards must be played face-down. When all players are done creating their sandwich, the ingredients are revealed and the player with the sandwich best suited to the Challenge wins the round.

The player with the winning sandwich will keep the Challenge card for the round. Once all of the Challenge cards have been played, the player with the most Challenge cards collected wins the game.

—description from the designer

No. of Players 2-8
Age 13+
Mechanics Hand Management, Simultaneous Action Selection
Designer Chloē Bridges, Alex Bridges, Mike McGee
Artist Chloē Bridges
Publisher AvianRampage Productions

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