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Pocket Pixel Artist

2021 | Party Game

Welcome to Retro Game Jam. The annual pixel platformer design competition. Do you and your team have what it takes to design a retro game in under half an hour? well let's see you put your skills to the test!

In Pocket Pixel Artist, teams will compete against each other through a series of design challenges to see who can design and assemble the best pixel art graphics they can for a game jam submission! Against the clock, and only using small colored cubes, you must arrange them into 1 of 4 various game assets found on each card. (220 in total) if your team can correctly identify your creation you will gain points!

—description from the designer

No. of Players 4-10
Playing Time 15-30 min
Age 13+
Mechanics Voting
Designer Richard Coote
Artist Nicholas Coote
Publisher Rampage Games LLC

Main Image Courtesy: @purplephoenix.
Background Image Courtesy: @purplephoenix.
Images And Data Courtesy Of: Rampage Games LLC.
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