Pumpkin Spice and Chill (Boyfriend Café #2)

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Pumpkin Spice and Chill (Boyfriend Café #2)

2023 | Contemporary | LGBTQ+ | Romance


Accidents don't happen to me. I eliminate random chance with surgical precision, whether that's in my role as the manager of the Boyfriend Café or my role in the bedroom.

Having an earnest, soft-eyed stranger show up one day is not part of my plans.

The university is sniffing around the café, and David says he wants to help hold them off. But why should I trust someone I've just met, someone who's acting on pure intuition, someone who isn't part of the road map?

David is smart, kind and earnest. When he looks at me with those big, soft eyes, it makes me want to discard all my careful calculations. But I don't do spontaneous. My wealthy parents groomed me to be a perfect CEO, cold and calculating. So why do I want to throw out the rules for him?


I've heard rumors of a Boyfriend Café on campus that's staffed by a bunch of queer students. And I've also heard that the university is breathing down their necks, threatening to shut them down.

I know I'm still pursuing my law degree, but I'm sure I can help - if they'll just let me. Unfortunately, Albert literally slams his door in my face when I try.

I can't bring myself to give up, no matter how ardently Albert wants to shut me out. This guy has major control issues, which really shouldn't be a turn on, but here I am trying to get closer to Tall, Dark and Handsome despite every instinct telling me he has a closet full of ropes and handcuffs somewhere.

I'm supposed to be thinking about how to help him save the café, not what kinds of crazy toys he has stashed in his bedroom. Now if I could just stop imagining him in sexy leather gloves and me on my knees...

Pumpkin Spice and Chill is an MM grumpy/sunshine romance with a secret billionaire, a kind-hearted nerd, a closet full of "creative" toys, and spicy open door scenes. You can find the CWs info on Amazon.

Published by Independent

Edition Paperback
ISBN 9798863098067
Language English

Contemporary MM Romance

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