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Reborn (Semiramis #2)

2019 | Romance | Science Fiction/Fantasy

Having lost so much, and having suffered to a breaking point, Alexia sets out to unravel the mystery of her existence and to take vengeance on those who have taken from her. Along the way, she must battle against the forces of darkness to save the fates of her newly-discovered sisters, as well as to secure the safety of her immortal soul. Pulled this way and that, and unsure of who can be trusted, she must rely on her wit and her own powers to make it through the depths, and back towards the light.

In a world where nobody can be trusted, and in which one’s own power and destiny is constantly tested in a challenge after challenge, adversity after adversity, Alexia has to take decisions which have the potential to destroy everything she has worked so hard to build. Her path is a twisting, mysterious, and unreliable one, and the mythological creatures, monsters, and teachers she meets all have their own agendas, each of which continually threatens to bubble to the surface. Tutored by Lucifer - first of the fallen - and dealing with unexpected emotions in his presence, can she find the peace and the answers she so desperately seeks?

Edition Kindle
Language English

Fantasy Romance

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