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Red Planet (2000)

2000 | Mystery | Sci-Fi

108 mins

In the mid-21st Century, the nations of a dying Earth look starward for a solution and set to colonize Mars. But something no one could have expected awaits. Houston, we have big trouble.

Val Kilmer, Carrie-Ann Moss and Tom Sizemore star in this taut adventure about humankind's first mission to the mysterious Red Planet. Also on the mission is the multifunctional robo-assistant AMEE. In one mode, she's as loyal as a puppy. But a malfunction has locked her into a far different mode. She's become a killing machine bent on destroying the crew. Yet that's not the end of the expedition's perils. Because Mars may be barren, but it's not uninhabited.

Produced by Warner Bros.
Director Antony Hoffman and Anthony Hoffman
Writer Chuck Pfarrer
Cast Val Kilmer, Carrie-Anne Moss, Benjamin Bratt, Tom Sizemore, Terence Stamp, Simon Baker, Jessica Morton and Caroline Bossi

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