Resilience (The Demon and Shadows Duology #1)

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Resilience (The Demon and Shadows Duology #1)

2020 | Horror | Science Fiction/Fantasy

To dominate takes strength. To submit takes everything.

We are the weapons that fate wields.
But what happens when fate steals our blades?

Her whole life, Joro has been a weapon. Raised in an assassin's guild, the beautiful demon was honed into brutal steel.


Until fate decided to throw her a curve ball and end her life.

Now her soul is stuck inside a banshee, and things just got interesting.
Not only will she have to relearn her skills and explore these new mysterious powers, she also has to discover who she really is behind the walls she's built around her heart.

Throw in one sexy, irresistible Dom, a time-constraint, and a visit from her past and Joro might not make it out alive.

One thing is certain. Fate is fickle.

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