Resting Witch Face (Journals of Forbidden Witchery #1)

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Resting Witch Face (Journals of Forbidden Witchery #1)

2021 | Romance | Science Fiction/Fantasy

Forbidden fruit is sweet until you’ve taken a bite.

Being the dud in my coven wasn’t a bad thing—until they decided to reevaluate our contributions. Without magic, I wielded a resting witch face and a smart mouth, but neither will save me on the next full moon. Having the last name Byrne could only get me so far.

I was doomed.

In my panic, I broke into the coven’s library, hoping to find a simple spell any idiot could do. Instead, I blew up half the building, destroyed the majority of the ancient texts, and ended up half naked in the office of the high priest.

I thought that was bad.

My stupidity unlocked the seals blocking my magic, and now I’m being hunted by every jerk in the supernatural world. With a price on my head, there’s only one option left if I am to survive:

Learn everything I can from the cursed book that caused my downfall.

Learn... or die trying.

My name is Hazel Byrne.
I am a witch.
And I’m totally screwed.

Published by Independent

Edition Kindle
Language English

Urban Fantasy Romance

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