Romanian (Female) Quick Phrasebook - Basic Phrases with Audio

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Romanian (Female) Quick Phrasebook - Basic Phrases with Audio

Travel | Education


Over 500 Best Selection of Romanian Phrases with Professional Voice Over

- Carefully selected phrases by Language Teachers, Language Students and Travellers to Romania

- Professional voice by Romanian Radio News Presenter

- Made specific for Female-Spoken Romanian Language

- Easy to use

- Search Functionality

- Review your Learning Progress:

A must have when learning Romanian!

A must have when travelling to places in Romania such:



Cluj Napoca







The Black Sea

Carpathian Mountains

Danube Delta

Easy to use:

- Tap any phrase in English to listen and see the equivalent phrase in Romanian.

- Swipe right of left to navigate to the next phrase

- Use 'Auto Play' to listen and see phrases after phrases automatically

- Tap on the phrase or use the 'Replay' button to repeat the voice-over for a phrase.

Search functionality:

- Type a word in English to quickly lookup the Romanian translations where that word is used.

Review your learning progress:

- You can setup 5 review interval-times - each between 1 and 7 days.

- The app uses a 5 colour code - according to your pre-set review interval-time - making it very easy for you to identify the phrases you may want to review.

Published by Nino Popa
Developed by Nino Popa
Certificate 12+
Languages English
Compatibility iPhone, iPod, iPad

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