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Secrets of the Weird

2017 | Fiction & Poetry | Horror

"Trixie loathed her penis." That shocking revelation begins the emotional and personally horrifying quest for self-realization in a truly messed up world.

Secrets of the Weird has been likened to the David Lynch's groundbreaking series Twin Peaks, but only if horror master Clive Barker and dark fantasist Neil Gaiman had teamed up to create that iconic 90s cultural masterpiece.

It's here, within the dark tapestry of Sweetville, where a new designer drug offers the enticing yet dangerous promise of salvation through physical transformation as it makes the rounds of the community of club kids, neo-Nazis, drag queens, prostitutes and punks who populate the city's sin-drenched streets. Its chewable hearts and candied lips threaten to change the lives of those in the city's underground in terrible ways. And on her seemingly herculean struggle to once and for all become the woman she was born to be, Trixie is the ideal candidate to accept its treacherous bargain.

With Sweet Candy poised to ignite the tenuous powder keg that is life, love and lust in Sweetville, could the arrival of the mysterious back-alley surgeon Julius Kast and his cult of peculiar specters be the final spark that lights the fuse?

Take an unforgettable journey with Trixie and a cast of outsiders in Secrets of the Weird, a novel that's equal parts irreverent social commentary, dark fantasy and horrifying reality for a counterculture society where frequently dangerous, often deviant and always dark secrets will be revealed.

Proudly presented by Grey Matter Press, the multiple Bram Stoker Award-nominated independent publisher. (Via Goodreads)

Published by Grey Matter Press

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