Sheriff of Nottingham

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Sheriff of Nottingham

2016 | Bluff | Card Game | Medieval

This game has merchants trying to bluff or bribe the sheriff in order to deliver or smuggle their legal and contraband good to market. The game is played in rounds and every player has a turn as the Sheriff. The game ends after every player has been Sheriff 2-3 times (depending on number of players). Each round consists of 5 phases: Market, Load Merchant Bag, Declaration, Inspection, End of Round. There are 4 types of legal goods, 4 types of contraband goods, and 12 extra special contraband royal goods cards.

No. of Players 3-5
Playing Time 30-60 min
Age 14+
Mechanics Commodity Speculation, Press Your Luck
Designer Sergio Halaban, André Zatz
Publisher Arcane Wonders, CMON

Main Image Courtesy: Arcane Wonders.
Background Image Courtesy: @purplephoenix.
Images And Data Courtesy Of: Arcane Wonders, CMON.
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