Sins of the Shadow Walkers (The Familiar Curse #3)

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Sins of the Shadow Walkers (The Familiar Curse #3)

2021 | Romance | Science Fiction/Fantasy | Young Adult (YA)

Sometimes it’s hard to tell your enemies from your friends.

Juliet is skeptical of her new allies among the Shadow Walkers. The story they’ve told of her origins can’t possibly be true.

Or can it?

Filled with doubt and confusion, Juliet is sure of only one thing—she must return to the Heathergate Refuge to help Dante and her people.

Seeking help from more spellcasters is risky, especially when she’s still being hunted by members of the Verdugo family, but she has no choice.

Will her new allies help Juliet reunite with Dante, or will their betrayal destroy her and everyone she loves?

Edition Kindle
Language English

Fantasy Romance Young Adult

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