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Smashbomb is a social platform that allows you to research and discover things based on recommendations from people you know/respect/trust rather than seeing reviews from anonymous people who may or may not be trustworthy.

Imagine a social network where you can rate anything (products, services, movies, games, books, places, events, mobile apps, podcasts, tech, websites, etc), but where your activity stream consists purely of recommendations/ratings from people you follow (friends, celebs, industry people, experts, etc).

When a user adds a review, they select a rating out of 10 – if they rate at 7 or over, it’s a ‘Smash’ and if they rate something at under 7, its a ‘Bomb’ (to be avoided!).

Being an active 'Smashbomber' will enable the community to show their appreciation for your awesomeness through the awarding of Kudos Points (KP). You will earn KP for reviews, sharing lists, adding new items, and any other contribution to Smashbomb.

Increasing your KP will earn you new badges and eventually claim your rightful place on the Leaderboards, leading to fame and notoriety!

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Certificate 13+
Compatibility iPhone, Android Device


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