Smoke on the Water (Mystic Beach, #3)

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Smoke on the Water (Mystic Beach, #3)

2022 | Paranormal | Romance

The sea is vast, full of legends and mystery. Under its surface hide both beautiful treasures and dangerous secrets, as rockstar David Carter is about to discover.

My two great passions: the ocean and music. I could have been a marine scientist, but fate made me the bass player in one of the biggest bands on the planet. I’m living a life anyone would envy, but I'd rather spend my time on the beach than in the limelight, I've waited my whole life to find that one girl who gets me. Now that I have, will I risk it all to become part of her world?

Music is my life, and what I dream of is becoming a sound engineer, so my recording studio internship is an incredible opportunity — if I can actually convince my boss to give me a chance to do what I was born to do, despite my being a girl. Little did I know how complicated things would get when I met our latest clients. I may have found the love of my life, but sharing my deepest, most dangerous secrets with him could spell the end for us both.

"Smoke on the Water," Book 3 in the Mystic Beach Fantasy Rockstar Romance series, blends Celtic mythology with steamy romance, suspense, music and magic to weave a fantastical tale of two souls tied together by fate and love. Thrust into danger as deadly secrets are revealed and dangerous adversaries threaten to tear them apart, can true love (and a little divine intervention) give them the strength to win their fight — for what's right, for each other and for their lives?

Note: A content review for this and other books in the series can be found on the author’s website at If you have concerns about content you may find disturbing, make sure to check the content review for the book before buying or reading.

The author will donate 20% of the royalties from the sale of this book to the Marine Education, Research & Rehabilitation (MERR) Institute, a non-profit stranding response and rehabilitation organization dedicated to the conservation of marine mammals and sea turtle, and the official stranding respondents for the marine mammals and sea turtles of Delaware.

Published by Mystic Beach Press

Edition Kindle
Language English

Paranormal Rockstar Romance

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