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Soul Suites

2018 | Horror | Mystery | Thriller

Homeless people are vanishing from the streets of Chicago. No one gives the disappearances a second thought, until a powerful CEO, Charles Pearson, pretending to be homeless in order to gather information for his company, is found to be one of the missing individuals.

A local search ensues, which leads to the discovery of extensive wrongdoings within Pearson's company. The local search quickly becomes a nationwide investigation that begins to turn society on its end, pitting large corporations against each other and leaving a frantic government to uncover the reasons behind an increasing number of missing people.

Meanwhile, the CEO awakens in an unfamiliar room, strapped to a metal table, incapable of even the smallest movement while emotionless strangers attach him to whining machines. The mysterious man placing electrodes to Pearson's chest is supposedly a doctor with good intentions, though his actions become increasingly perverse, increasingly violent.

The investigation into numerous disappearances, and the CEO's incarceration in a strange, dangerous facility, converge in the most unexpected way as the world discovers the truth behind Soul Suites.

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