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Space: 1999

1975 | Sci-Fi

Eerily prescient sci-fi drama from Gerry Anderson. Poorly stored atomic waste on the Moon explodes, sending it and the inhabitants careering across the universe encountering weird alien planets and strange cosmic forces on a weekly basis. Made with an eye on the US market as an Anglo-Italian co-production, hence the imported American leads. It was the most expensive British TV show made up to that point in history, but a lack of success led to extensive reformatting prior to the second season and a much greater reliance on alien monsters and action-adventure.

Network ITV
Creator(s) Gerry Anderson, Sylvia Anderson
Producer(s) Sylvia Anderson, Fred Freiberger
Cast Martin Landau, Barry Morse, Barbara Bain, Catherine Schell, Zienia Merton, Tony Anholt, Nick Tate and Prentis Hancock

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