Stroked Eagle (The Eagle Trilogy #1)

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Stroked Eagle (The Eagle Trilogy #1)

2019 | Contemporary | Romance

Eric Birdwell | It’s all about him. It always was, and it always will be.
Heartless as ever, Eric has come back from Tokyo to run his new business venture with his mind one-hundred percent into the game. But after burning a toxic relationship with his ex-wife to the ground, Eric operates his love life like a business—a revolving door of satisfied one-night stands. With no intentions of collecting the ashes to rebuild with any other woman, the rich and handsome, Eric, only lives to look out for his best interest, no matter how beautiful the woman.

Arabella Jones |Armed with beauty without a bucket of confidence.
Running low on experience and living at home with her mother, Arabella’s life is about as exciting as the stack of paperwork Eric has to sift through on his desk. She’s not dating, and her only friend is the boss’ niece at the spa. Convinced that she has nothing to offer a man, Arabella begins to step up her game just to shut up her friend’s criticism that she lives like a child.

When Eric meets Arabella, he can’t seem to help himself. She’s young and beautiful, and he’s experienced and bossy. This should be easy. Another notch, another score. The problem is, this is just the beginning of a web of complications, lies, and twists. But who’s gonna come out on top, Eric or Arabella?

Published by Sweet Blue Press

Edition Kindle
Language English

Contemporary Romance

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