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2021 | Party Game


Swearmints is a quick party game about making up new slang and defining it for your friends! Earn Mints by coming up with the best definitions!

Set Up

Start by choosing one person to be the Mint Master (or dealer) for the round.
Remove the cards from the tin and shuffle them lightly, but keep the mint cubes inside.
The Game

The Mint Master starts by dealing out 2 cards to all other players. Each card has 4 silly words on each side, so each player will have 16 words to play with.
All players must combine one word on each of their cards to form a new slang phrase and arrange it face up in front of them. (They cannot combine two words on the same card).
Once everyone is ready, each player must introduce their new slang phrase and tell the Mint Master what it means.

After each player has defined their word, the Mint Master awards 1 Mint to their favorite new slang phrase, plus:

1 bonus Mint if that player used alliteration (two words with the same first letter, such as Boof Bucket) AND
1 bonus Mint if that player used a rhyme (such as Poot Boot).
The winner of the round may win anywhere from 1-3 mints based on their slang phrase.

Round End

Once the winner is chosen, all of the used cards are discarded, the Mint Master passes the tin clockwise, and you go back to the start. Re-shuffle as needed.
Play continues until the tin runs out of mints, and the person with the most mints wins. (If the tin has less mints then the last winner is owed, that winner gets ‘em all).
Try to incorporate your new favorite slang phrases into your everyday life!

—description from the publisher

No. of Players 3-5
Playing Time 15-30 min
Age 13+
Mechanics Card Drafting, Voting
Designer Chris Rio
Publisher Rampage Games LLC

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