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taiko no tatsujin +

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Taikono Tatsujin for FREE!? You can’t miss this chance!
“Taikono Tatsujin Plus” comes with one free song!

◆Join the subscription course and download as many songs as you want!
More new songs will be added every month!!

Regarding the auto-renewal of the fixed period subscription service (all-you-can-play course)
1) There are 4 types of all-you-can-play songs ticket: "250 yen per 7 days," "500 yen per month," "1400 yen per 3 months," "2600 yen per 6 months."
2) When the customer agrees to the subscription, the subscription fee will be taken from the customer's iTunes account, and the all-you-can-play songs course will become available.
*Your subscription cannot be cancelled midway through the subscription period.
3) As long as you do not turn off the automatic renewal of the subscription before the 24 hours preceding the end date of the subscription, the subscription period will be automatically renewed.
The fee required for renewing the subscription will be taken within 24 hours after the subscription period has ended.
4) You can check your subscription status and unsubscribe from the page below.
Go to App Store: Bottom of Featured Apps Page > Apple ID: View Apple ID > Subscriptions: Manage
*You can also turn off the automatic renewal of the subscription or change your settings from iTunes.
*There is no free trial period for this service.

◆What is more, the preinstalled song will be changed through the update as well!.

◆ Of course you can also add songs to your Taiko playlist! You can buy your favorite “Song Pack” and save it on this “Taikono Tatsujin Plus”! Each Song Pack contains 5 songs. Play the drum with your favorite songs!

◆ Touch the drum and make the “Don” sound!
Features of “Taikono Tatsujin Plus”

Now you can enjoy “Taikono Tatsujin” series on your iPhone not only with the same exciting game play as the arcade and the console but also with iPhone’s unique intuitive interface!!

●Easy to control for anyone! All you need to do is tap the drum and you can enjoy playing the music.
● Song Pack contains popular songs which everyone in Japan knows, including Anime songs which are super popular among kids.
More and more Song Packs will be coming up!
●4 difficulty levels; Easy, Normal, Hard and Oni(means a devil: an extra difficult level). You can choose any level you want to play. You don’t need to accumulate “Don Points” to unlock the next level.
●With translucent display mode, you can see the cute dancers dancing behind the drum. ●Change the sound of a drum and enjoy the varieties of game play. From “Taikono Tatsujin Plus”, you can add new sounds by accumulating “Don Point” you earn through the game.
●You can adjust the size of the play screen and choose the side of the device you want to have as the bottom or top.
● Compete with other players online! Check your rank, get a high score with your favorite song and aim for the No.1 among all players throughout Japan.
● Tweet your best score! Your score can be automatically sent as a tweet.
With “Hashtag”, you can also communicate with other Taiko users.

“Taikono Tatsujin” for iPhone/iPod touch/iPad is a game which can be enjoyed by all people from children to high level Taiko masters.
With iPhone/ iPod touch/iPad’s unique intuitive interface, now players can enjoy the fun game play simply by tapping the drum on the screen with their fingers.
Enjoy playing music with “Taikono Tatsujin Plus” and become a drum master! Make the drum sound-“Doko-Don”!!

※This application is different application from “Taikono Tatsujin” and “Taikono Tatsujin2”.Please note that Song Packs of “Taikono Tatsujin” and “Taikono Tatsujin2” are different from those of “Taikono Tatsujin Plus”.
※Additional payment will NOT be required if the connection gets cut off during the download of Song Pack after your purchase.
※When the memory of your device is full, you will not be able to download the new Song Pack. Please refer to FAQ for details.

Published by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.
Developed by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.
Certificate 4+
Languages Japanese
Compatibility iPhone, iPad, iPod

Images And Data Courtesy Of: BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc..
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