Tales From The Scribe: A Collection

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Tales From The Scribe: A Collection

2016 | Fiction & Poetry

Tales From the Scribe, a collection of time twisting, dystopian, and epic fantasy stories.

Tale of Cerdiwen Cerdiwen of Llyr was thrown into another time. Suddenly faced with the real people and situations she was just reading about, will Cerdiwen be able to do as Taliesin instructed? Can she save her mother?

Life After Death What really happens to us after we die? A question asked by many over the years. Gillian goes on a dark journey to discover her own life and death.

Dance of the Gods Looking a noble in the eyes is punishable by death. This is what Ryukan faces when he comes across a noblewoman who is lost in the woods. Can the Dance of the Gods change Ryukan’s fate?

Icons of Power Australia is in ruins. Light and Dark are fighting for control of the Icons of Power. Whomever has them, can change the world. The race is on to gain control of the last Icon.

Published by Tarran Jones

Edition Unknown
ISBN 9781535459853
Language N/A

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