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2012 | Card Game | Civilization

Unlike in other cultures, the desert Tuareg men, known as Targi, cover their faces whereas women of the tribe do not wear veils. They run the household and they have the last word at home in the tents. Different families are divided into tribes, headed by the ‘Imascheren’ (or nobles). As leader of a Tuareg tribe, players trade goods from near (such as dates and salt) and far (like pepper), in order to obtain gold and other benefits, and enlarge their family. In each round their new offerings are made. Cards are a means to an end, in order to obtain the popular tribe cards.


No. of Players 2
Playing Time 60 min
Age 12+
Mechanics Modular Board, Set Collection, Time Track, Worker Placement
Designer Andreas Steiger
Artist Franz Vohwinkel
Publisher KOSMOS

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