The Adventures of Ruby Pi and the Math Girls (Ruby Pi Adventures #2)

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The Adventures of Ruby Pi and the Math Girls (Ruby Pi Adventures #2)

2022 | Young Adult (YA)

A collection of five historical fiction adventure stories, the second installment in the "Rubi Pi Adventure Series" to follow The Adventures of Rubi Pi and the Geometry Girls. Young heroines find themselves at turning points in history. Faced with colossal problems, they use math to find real-world solutions. How will their quick thinking and problem-solving direct the course of history?

A master of young adult historical fiction, adventure, and mystery writing, Tom Durwood gives a fresh look at some of history's pivotal moments-from a mathematical perspective! STEM meets literary finesse with his usual flair for intrigue, suspense, and immersive dialogue. In his latest collection of short stories, smart girls take on gambling, bandits, swordplay, probability, and Bayes' Theorem!

Published by Empire Studies Press

Edition Kindle
Language English

Young Adult Science Girls Mystery Adventure

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