The Legacy of Souls (Seb Thomas #2)

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The Legacy of Souls (Seb Thomas #2)

2018 | Children | Science Fiction/Fantasy | Young Adult (YA)

Three months have passed since Seb Thomas, an under-confident teenager, was confirmed as a Soul Custodian, and Seb is struggling with his role.

Reading the present and past lives of trespassing souls, and then determining if they should be granted a chance to return to the human world to live another human lifetime, or if they should be banished to eternal darkness in the Soul Drop is what the role of Custodian entails. But reading these souls means witnessing the disturbing and disgusting sights of the actions they have taken during their lifetimes. Seb finds those sights so sickening and distressing he cannot deal with them. As a result Aelfric Duir, his mentor, is left to pick up the pieces, taking on Seb's workload along with his own.

Members of Seb's Custodian group, and those of Aelfric Duir's group, are becoming increasingly frustrated with Seb. They know he is capable of so much more and are concerned that Aelfric, taking on the additional burden, is becoming exhausted.

Returning home for the Christmas holidays, Seb looks forward to stepping away from his failures and living some semblance of a normal life. But then he is attacked ... The attack is vicious, unconventional and life-threatening.

Now the concern is no longer Seb's inability to fulfil his role, it is whether he can survive the night while Aelfric and the groups seek to identify, locate and stop his attacker...

Published by Stone Circle Publishing

Edition Kindle
Language English

Young_Adult Fantasy

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