The thing that has always irked

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The thing that has always irked

The thing that has always irked me is the continual usage of Jagex as a scapegoat. Jagex is constantly being used as a scapegoat. When someone dies, they make it seem too hard. I find it very tragic that players are ready to take a slap at Jagex when things go wrong.

It is also expected that updates will be released in a hurry. People will rant and rave when they don't get an update. If the update isn't beneficial to them or their abilities, they will rant. If its an update concerning others, they complain. Can anyone seriously be patient and wait for an update they like?

Why do people become so critical of updates? People rant if it's hard, and then complain when it's simple. They don't think about the possibility of others who are on opposite sides. Keep updating, people don't like change if they are so familiar with it. However, give it some time and open to new designs, etc. Within a month, you will fall in love with it.

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