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The Watchmaker's Daughter

2016 | Fiction & Poetry | Mystery | Young Adult (YA)

India Steele has lost everything, her father, her fiancé and her employment and home. As a watchmaker's daughter, India had learned how to repair watches, so after his death when her fiancé left her and took her father's shop with him, India was left with anger and nothing else. When Mr. Glass is at her father's old store, she tries to make him no longer interested in making a purchase. In the end, she gets what she wants as well as employment and boarding with the strange man. She begins to suspect he is the American Outlaw in the papers and wishes to turn him in for the money, but has to find proof while she helps him look for a watchmaker by the name of Chronos. As they search, India learns how to be her own woman and gets herself into all kinds of trouble, including a possible romance beginning to bud with Mr. Glass. However, Mr Glass's watch is spiking all kinds of interest as well as some new information that may be of great importance as why the guild of watchmaker's may be wary of her. Will they find Chronos? Is Mr. Glass an outlaw and what is with his watch?

Published by Oz Books

Edition Unknown
ISBN 9781310102950
Language English

Main Image Courtesy: C.J. Archer.
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