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To the Boys Who Wear Pink

2020 | LGBTQ+

"We are the boys who wear pink. We eat trauma for breakfast, we puke it out to fit into our skinny jeans and leather jackets."

High school reunions were always a bitch. Especially if you're one of the boys invited to Ryan's party. Do you live it up with King and the Trouble Twins? Are you still cool enough to chug beer with basketball jocks Si and Badger? Or do you cower in the corner with mild-mannered Reyes and Angelo, the social outcast?

Also, who hired the stripper?

The night is endless. Watch twenty-four stories tangle as the boys reconnect, fight, reminisce, fall in love, fall out of love, get drunk, get high, get laid, and deal with a shared tragedy in their past.

Published by Riley Palanca

Edition Kindle
Language English

New Adult LGBTQ+ Literary Fiction

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