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2021 | Fiction & Poetry | Horror

This isn’t hell… it’s far worse.

Insidious experiments are being carried out at Arlington Asylum, and the only way the inmates ever leave is inside a body bag.

Adrian is a prisoner here. And he is next on the list to receive the strange medicine that is being administered. Medicine that causes certain… changes… to those who take it.

If he is to survive, Adrian must find his self-worth and start fighting for his life while chaos erupts in the asylum around him.

Because these experiments open up a gateway to a place worse than hell. And the nightmarish inhabitants of that place break through and intend to tear our world apart.

Can Adrian stand against impossible odds and end this threat before it’s too late?

Buy Tormented now, because you will love this violent and gruesome tale filled with horror, monsters, and buckets of gore. Not for the faint of heart.

Book 2 in the Extreme Horror Series. Separate stories. The same, terrifying universe.

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