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Unknown (2006)

2006 | Crime | Drama | Thriller

85 mins

Psychological thriller about five men with no memory. Five men wake up together in a mysterious warehouse and no recollection of anything at all. All signs point to their having been involved in something illicit - one of them is tied to a chair and there are obvious signs of struggle everywhere. Are the ones who're not tied up captors and the tied ones victims? Nobody can say but it's certain that they need each other to get out of this mess. Intrigue and double-cross unfold as a series of flashbacks and scenes of a worried wife (Bridget Moynahan) waiting for news fill in the details. The fairly hefty ensemble cast includes Joe Pantoliano, Peter Stormare, Greg Kinnear and Jim Caviezel.

Produced by Weinstein Company
Director Simon Brand
Writer Matthew Waynee
Cast Barry Pepper, Greg Kinnear and Clayne Crawford

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