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2013 | Economic | Farming

Each player is in charge of running a pre-modern Tuscan vineyard. The game is played over a series of years (rounds), each of which has 4 seasons. Each turn a player will send their workers out to improve their vineyard; plant, harvest and crush grapes; and make and sell wine. Players will also play action cards along the way to give themselves special actions or a little boost.

There are 4 types of cards in the game: Vine cards, Summer visitors, Wine order cards and Winter visitors.
In Viticulture, there is no time limit or a set number of rounds. Instead you have a steady march to the finish line by all players. The players must wisely manage their resources of money, workers, grapes and wine in order to be the first player to score 20 victory points.

No. of Players 2-6
Playing Time 90 min
Age 13+
Mechanics Hand Management, Worker Placement
Designer Jamey Stegmaier, Alan Stone
Artist Jacqui Davis, David Montgomery, Beth Sobel
Publisher Stonemaier Games

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