Water Weaver (Wraidd Elfennol #2)

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Water Weaver (Wraidd Elfennol #2)

2015 | Science Fiction/Fantasy | Young Adult (YA)

The Isle of Wraidd Elfennol is a place balanced by the four elements of nature – Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. The essence of each element is contained within a sacred artefact, helping to keep the balance of life.

At the Summer Solstice celebration, the Lords and Ladies of the Elements announce their artefacts are missing. A human and animal partnership is Chosen for each Element, to find the missing artefacts and help restore the balance.

Together, they embark on a quest to find the missing artefacts. As the world around them changes, danger lurks with every challenge the group must face.

Time is not on their side as their quest must be completed before a year and a day has passed.

Rejoin the World of Wraidd Elfennol as Marella and Nixie, the Chosen of Water, learn how to work with those of the other Elements.

Published by Morgan Sheppard

Edition Kindle
Language English

Fantasy Young_Adult

Main Image Courtesy: @Morgan.
Background Image Courtesy: @MorganSheppard.
Images And Data Courtesy Of: Morgan Sheppard.
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