Wrench in the Engine (Galaxia Pirates #3)

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Wrench in the Engine (Galaxia Pirates #3)

2017 | LGBTQ+ | Romance | Science Fiction/Fantasy

Steven, the head mechanic of the pirate ship Galaxia, is frustrated that he is unable to repair the ship's engines on his own. He's further irritated when his captain hires outside help to assist him. Chris is one of the two original creators of the engines used on the Galaxia, but he's been retired--of sorts--for years now. When Steven arrives requesting his help, Chris is instantly intrigued by the young man and takes the job just to get a chance at him. Before they can even start, however, the Galaxia comes under attack by the military, and Chris is identified as a deserter. With no choice, Chris joins the crew and sets out to find a way to fix the engines and avoid his own arrest. During the trip, Chris and Steven must come to terms with their mutual attraction, and whether or not to act on it.

Published by Siren Publishing

Edition Kindle
Language English

Science_Fiction Erotic Romance M_M

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