Xia: Legends of a Drift System

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Xia: Legends of a Drift System

2014 | Adventure | Exploration | Fighting | Miniatures | Science Fiction

A competitive space adventure for 3 - 5 Players Have you ever wanted to follow in the footsteps of those glory hunting scoundrels flying their crate between planets to earn an honest (well, almost honest) crust? Xia: Legends of a Drift System allows you to do just that; explore a system full of planets, Asteroid fields, Jump Gates and a whole lot more. Equip your ship with state of the art engines, weapons and shields but remember to leave some room for cargo, or passengers or anything else you choose to smuggle across planetary shields in an attempt to become the most famous (or infamous) Captain in the system. Your fame can come from bounty hunting, Smuggling, trading, researching, exploring, villainy or just plain Taxying passengers from A to B. The most successful Captains will know a good opportunity when they see it and dabble in any or all of the above. If one of your fellow Captains gets too big for their boots you can always fit some missiles and send them limping back to the nearest planet for repairs. With random tile placement and 18 different ships to pilot with their own special abilities no two games will be the same. This game comes with very high quality components and 21 Pre-painted ships. Contents: 21 Painted Starship Miniatures A fully modular board with 21 unique Sector Tiles 40 Metal Coins 80 Acrylic Damage Markers 4 Dice 30 Wooden Octagonal Markers 84 Outfis tokens 5 Outlaw Tokens 75 Plastic Cargo Cubes 96 Cards 1 Full Colour 20 page Rulebook Multiple paths to victory: Be a smuggler, bounty hunter, explorer, merchant, pirate and more! A cargo Hold system. Players must manage their cargo for maximum effectiveness.

No. of Players 3-5
Playing Time 60-180 min
Age 12+
Designer Cody Miller
Artist Cody Miller, Steve "Coolhand" Tyler, Peter Wocken
Publisher Far Off Games

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