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Zombies on Film

2016 | Film & TV

ZOMBIES ON FILM chronicles popular culture s greatest and most terrifyingly intriguing monsters in the very medium their shuffling, rotting, flesh-eating characteristics were shaped at the movies! Spanning nearly a century, the zombie genre has been built by a creative and cultural transfer of influences from generation to generation of storytellers, filmmakers, and artists. This book tells the remarkable true story behind the creative and independent-spirit that shaped a legacy, from its cinematic inception and evolution to its ultimate rise to pop culture prominence, covering the most popular, most influential, most overlooked and of course, the most gory and terrifying films featuring zombies. Author Ozzy Inguanzo s insightful, witty, and informative text is complemented by more than 300 photographs, movie posters, and behind-the-scenes images spanning nine decades of classic films including Bela Lugosi s White Zombie (1932), George Romero s landmark Night of the Living Dead (1968), and Lucio Fulci s cult classic Zombie (1979), as well as offerings from blockbuster directors such as Peter Jackson s Dead Alive (1990), Zack Snyder s Dawn of the Dead (2004), and more recent entries like the breakthrough series The Walking Dead (2010) and the international sensation World War Z (2013). Expertly curated and filled with images spanning the breadth of cinematic history, ZOMBIES ON FILM is ideal for film fans, students, and pop culture junkies.

Published by Universe Publishing

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ISBN 9780789325990
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