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Right Ho, Jeeves (Jeeves, #6)
8.0 (1 Ratings)
Book Rating
Typically convoluted Jeeves and Wooster story, set in Brinkley Court and featuring Bertie's Aunt Dahlia (Travers), the newt-loving Gussie Fink-Nottle, Madeline Bassett, Tuppy Glossop and Angela Travers.
What's Love Got To Do With It? (1993)
What's Love Got To Do With It? (1993)
1993 | Biography, Drama, Music

"Truly one of my favorites. I really didn’t know all that much about Tina Turner — other than her music — until I saw that movie. Angela Bassett was fantastic and it really gave me a new appreciation for Tina."


Christy Lewis (2 KP) rated 9-1-1 in TV

Feb 28, 2018  
2018 | Drama
Great Show!
Entertaining, exciting, lots of potential! So far, I'm hooked on 911! Fueled with a great cast and great plots and storyline, it is quickly becoming one of my favorite shows to watch. Connie Britton & Angela Bassett are fabulous, and the adrenaline junkie in me hates that it is only 60 minute episodes once a week.
Right Ho, Jeeves (Jeeves, #6)
Right Ho, Jeeves (Jeeves, #6)
P.G. Wodehouse | 2006 | Fiction & Poetry
8.0 (2 Ratings)
Book Rating
Typically convoluted Jeeves and Wooster story, set in Brinkley Court and featuring Bertie's Aunt Dahlia (Travers), the newt-loving Gussie Fink-Nottle, Madeline Bassett, Tuppy Glossop and Angela Travers.

This is the also the one that has Wooster unintentionally getting Gussie Fink-Nottle roaringly drunk before the latter has to distribute prizes at a school assembly, alongside Wooster managing to get himself engaged (again) while trying to sort out romantic difficulties between some of his childhood friends.

Leave it to Jeeves to sort everything out by the end!
Soul (2020)
Soul (2020)
2020 | Adventure, Animation, Comedy
The latest digital feature film from PIXAR has arrived and “SOUL” is another triumph for the studio. The story centers around a teacher named Joe (Jamie Foxx), who toils away teaching music to students at a Middle School while dreaming of getting a meaningful gig as a Jazz Pianist.

When the school offers Joe a permanent full time position with benefits he is depressed as while this is the stability his mother wants for him; Joe sees it as an end to his dreams if he accepts the position.

Fate steps in and Joe manages to land a gig with Dorthea Williams (Angela Bassett) which will give him his long sought shot.

Unfortunately for Joe he suffers and accident and ends up as a Soul on his way to the afterlife. Not willing to accept his fate; Joe escapes to a realm where new souls are assigned traits before being sent to Earth to start their lives. Joe is mistaken for a mentor and assigned 22 (Tina Fey); a longstanding resident who has resisted many mentors over the ages and has refused to complete the needed step to begin life.

Joe and 22 must work with one another to set things right and this results in several funny and charming incidents both on Earth and in the Afterlife which are both filled with some great supporting characters that provide laughs and wisdom along the way.

“Soul” is in many way much like the music that inspires it as it is not as linear as one might expect. It tends to at times branch off into new directions while staying along a central theme before the parts reassemble.

The animation is simply amazing as audiences have come to expect and Richard Ayoade, Graham Norton, and Alice Braga lead a strong cast of supporting players which makes “Soul” another winning entry for PIXAR.

LeftSideCut (3739 KP) rated American Horror Story - Season 3 in TV

Nov 2, 2019 (Updated Nov 2, 2019)  
American Horror Story  - Season 3
American Horror Story - Season 3
2013 | Horror
Season 3 of AHS is a firm fan favourite - subtitled 'Coven', it centres around a school for young witches to discover and nurture their powers, all whilst preparing for trials to determine who will become the next Supreme witch.

Front and centre once again are Sarah Paulson and Jessica Lange. I enjoy Sarah Paulson in pretty much every season of AHS, and Coven is no different.
Her character, Cordelia Foxx, is her most likable character to date.
Jessica Lange plays her mother, Fiona Goode, and I struggled to get on board with her character. Unlike her character from Asylum, there's just nothing redeemable about her. Jessica Lange is still a powerhouse though...
It's nice to see Frances Conroy also.

The rest of the Coven are made up younger witches, and this is where the season trips up for me. I have nothing against any of the actors, but Coven very much feels like a high school drama for a good chunk of the runtime, and after the darker first two seasons, it's a bit jarring. I feel like a lighter touch can definitely the work (the currently running '1984' has been pretty fun for example), but first time round here, it didn't hit the right notes for me, and I grew quickly tired and bored of the constant high school bickering between characters.

Elsewhere, we're introduced to Voodoo magic, with characters such as the mysterious Papa Legba, Marie Laveau (Angela Bassett), and Madame Delphine LaLaurie, played by Kathy Bates.
Her first role for AHS is possibly her best and she is definitely the season highlight for me.
The Voodoo side of Coven was much more appealing and entertaining.

There's still a bucket load of very well done and gratuitous violence and gore on display, and the music score is pretty good.

Coven is certainly one of my least favorite seasons of AHS, but it's by no means bad, and it's still great to have a horror show this entertaining on prime time television.
Vampire in Brooklyn (1995)
Vampire in Brooklyn (1995)
1995 | Comedy, Horror
6.5 (6 Ratings)
Movie Rating
Eddie Murphy (0 more)
Brooklyn's Own Vampire
Vampire in Brooklyn- is a entertaining movie. It has horror, comedy and eddie Murphy as the bad guy.

The plot: In the wake of her mother's death in a mental institution, detective Rita Veder (Angela Bassett) is assigned to a baffling serial murder case. After examining the crime scene -- a corpse-filled ship found adrift at sea -- Rita meets Maximilian (Eddie Murphy), a smooth-talking Caribbean playboy determined to romance her. When Rita begins suffering from crippling hallucinations, she calls upon Dr. Zeko (Zakes Mokae), an occultist who suspects a vampire is on the loose.

According to Charlie Murphy, the movie was originally going to be a straight horror film with no laughs but Wes Craven brought a different focus to it. He also said: "Maximilian wasn't going to have any redeeming qualities. But Wes taught us that we must get the audience to care about our characters. And even if they didn't know any vampires personally, they would at least have to identify with the type of person he was.

About the movie, Eddie Murphy said: "I've always wanted to do something where I was the villain in the movie. I love horror pictures and I was a big fan of Wes Craven. This movie started out as something small, this was a movie my company was just going to produce and the screenplay came together so well that I thought it will be a fun role to play. Because I got to do something kind of scary and had a safety net because the vampire can turn into other peoples. I get to be funny when I'm the preacher and I get to be funny when I'm the Italian guy. And the vampire is pretty straight and I got all these funny stuff happening around me. I felt it was a unique piece to do."

Although contemporary reviews were negative, Vampire In Brooklyn has since become a cult classic.

Like i said its a good comedy horror film.
Black Panther (2018)
Black Panther (2018)
2018 | Action, Drama, Sci-Fi
The latest film in the Marvel Universe has arrived with “Black Panther” and it continues the tradition of big budgeted event films from Marvel. The film follows T’Challa (Chadwick Bodeman), as he prepares to assume the throne of the country of Wakanda after the death of his father. He is destined to lead over a nation that to the outside world seems impoverished and rural, but is secretly a very technologically advanced society thanks to their Vibranium resources. The resources allow them to keep their capitol city hidden from the world.

As T’Challa attempts to assume the throne and rule over the various tribes of his country; a threat from his past both known and unknown arises. Ulysses Klaue (Andy Serkis) surfaces, T’Challa mounts and effort to bring him to justice which in turn sets a chain of events into motion. A mysterious and deadly figure known as Killmonger (Michael B. Jordan), plans to obtain the Vibranium to exact a plan of revenge so severe it will lead to the nations of the world being subjugated and will divide even the most loyal citizens of Wakanda.

T’Challa must use his powers as The Black Panther and guardian of Wakanda to save his people and the very world from a threat that holds the fate of the world in the balance.

The film takes a while to get going as Director/Co-Writer Ryan Coogler takes his time introducing audiences to the world of Black Panther and especially the various characters. The strong supporting cast features Lupita Nyong’o, Angela Bassett, Danai Gurira, Forest Whitaker, Martin Freeman, and so many others that it is great to see such well-rounded characters.

The film does take a while to get up to the action but when it arrives; it delivers making the wait worth it. What I really liked was that the characters were well-defined as were their motivations. You did not have some cartoon mega-villain with some insane scheme, but rather a realistic and believable threat whose motivations were understandable though misguided.

Marvel has again delivered a very thrilling story that fits well into their extended universe and you will want to make sure to stay through all the credits for the two additional scenes which sets up future events for the Marvel Universe. “Black Panther” is a rousing success all around continues Marvel’s Cinematic Universe in grand style.
American Horror Story  - Season 6
American Horror Story - Season 6
2016 | Horror
Season 6 of AHS, subtitled Roanoke, may very well be my favourite season to date, if not it comes a very close second to Asylum.

The thing that really stands out for me is the pacing. It's pretty much perfect. The first half of Roanoke takes place in the form of a documentary, called My Roanoke Nightmare, where a young couple who moved into a run down house, recount their horrific experience of the spirits that haunted the ground, and endangered their lives. The documentary has a dramatisation of the events alongside the interviews, which effectively has the same AHS characters being played by two different people.
The build up is slow burning and hugely entertaining, as we know that these characters survive the ordeal, as they are involved in the documentary, so we can enjoy the ride without worrying about their fates.
In true AHS style though, the second half of the season takes place a few years after the documentary, and Roanoke truly kicks off in an epic fashion.
It's hard to properly describe the narrative, and it's really best experienced yourself. It's clever television.

The style of Roanoke is quite subtle, and gives the season a sort of old fashioned sense. It also experiments here and there with 'found footage', lending AHS a Blair Witch-esque edge.

All of the cast are once again great. Kathy Bates is a highlight, both her roles during the documentary, and after. Series regulars like Evan Peters, Angela Bassett and Lily Rabe are present and enjoyable, and it's awesome to see Cuba Gooding Jr. involved as well.
However this time around, AHS belongs to Sarah Paulson, who I thought really excelled during Roanoke, and Adina Porter, who gave the season it's more emotional moments. I think she's a fantastic actress, and was also a standout in her limited screentime during True Blood.

The gore and violence in Roanoke is probably at it's most visceral as far as AHS goes. There are some effectively gruesome moments littered throughout, and it's all looked like practical effects to me, which is how it should be! There are some really creepy shots as well, especially at the tail end of the season.

Roanoke is damn good. I'll be pleasantly surprised if AHS ever surpasses it.
Olympus Has Fallen (2013)
Olympus Has Fallen (2013)
2013 | Action, Drama
7.0 (21 Ratings)
Movie Rating
Mike Banning (Butler) is a Secret Service agent in the Presidential detail, and it could be argued a friend to the President; he even lands a punch in an opening boxing practice. All of that changes when, during a horrible automobile accident, the President’s wife is killed. Mike couldn’t save them both, so he chose to save the President. After making “the right call”, as his director (Angela Bassett) tells him; the President just couldn’t stand to be reminded of the failure and moves Mike to the Treasury. Mike wants back into the detail, and he gets his chance when a Korean terrorist infiltrates the White House and all of the fail safes in place to keep an incursion from happening. Banning jumps into action and becomes the only one left/able to save the President and his son.

Admittedly I am a Gerard Butler fan. I see this character as a watered-down, but trying really hard, version of John McLane ala Die Hard. Except the one liners feel forced, not funny, as does the unwarranted use of foul language. A New York cop is one thing for cursing, but it just doesn’t feel right seeing it come out of a Secret Service Agent. Morgan Freeman does an excellent job portraying a man making the tough decisions as Speaker Trumbull (the acting President for much of the movie); he makes mistakes and corrects his actions based on those mistakes. Aaron Eckhart is ok as the President, but doesn’t have the gravity needed to really pull that level of authority off; he is very much an every-man version of the President. His relationship with his son and that of Banning’s and the President’s son is very believable and heartfelt.

While action packed and fast paced; the plot is wholly unbelievable. Maybe I’m just an arrogant American, but I highly doubt the sheer number of protocols that were breached would actually happen. It felt like Eckhart’s character was overriding them through the whole attack sequence. I actually could believe the amount of time it took to respond to the call, but I’ve been to the North Lawn, and could see the snipers from the street and on the surrounding buildings. The White House is just too protected to make an assault like the one depicted.

I enjoyed the movie as long as I didn’t think too much about what was actually happening.