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Slaughterhouse Rulez (2018)
Slaughterhouse Rulez (2018)
2018 | Comedy, Horror
Such a disappointment
I've seen a lot of horrendous reviews for this film and whilst I'd agree that it isn't great, it's not nearly as bad as expected.

The problem is that this film has a stellar cast with impressive comedy credentials, yet apart from one or two titters, it just isn't funny. The humour falls completely flat. Michael Sheen, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost ham it up the best they can but their performances border on cringeworthy. Even the cameo from Margot Robbie is wasted. I did quite like Asa Butterfield though, who managed to get away with some of the best lines in the film.

The plot isn't the worst, and is surprisingly relevant to current affairs. Considering the ongoing debate over fracking and the fracking going on in Lancashire (30 mins down the road from where I live), I was impressed at the relevance even if they didn't really touch on any of the serious issues. The start of the story is a little bit cliched too. Fish out of water Northerner going to a posh Southern boarding school? Some originality would be nice, as a northerner myself it's gets a little frustrating seeing so many films choose this sort of plot mechanism.

 The creatures themselves are underdeveloped and aren't scary, although the amount of blood and gore was a nice touch. And it all just gets a little bit silly and ridiculous with them towards the end, which is a shame as there was some potential hidden here somewhere.

That said, as horror comedies go it's fairly inoffensive. Whilst I wouldn't recommend going out of your way to watch it, if you're ever at a loss for something easy to watch, there are worse films you could choose. Just don't expect another of the Cornetto films...
Wish Upon (2017)
Wish Upon (2017)
2017 | Fantasy, Horror, Thriller
We often wonder what wishes we would cast if given the opportunity. We think of the riches, second chances, and various selfish or generous choices we would make. In Wish Upon, we bear witness to how this plays out for one teenage girl.

Wish Upon stars Ryan Phillippe as a widowed father to a teen daughter, Clare, played by Joey King (Ramona and Beezus). Working as a salvager, he comes across an antique Chinese Box that he gives to her for her birthday. Clare quickly understands that the box has the ability to grant wishes, but her limited understanding of Chinese prevents her from being able to decipher all of the characters on it which reveal an all important disclaimer: each wish will result in the death of someone you know.

The film is ambitious with its premise yet falls flat in its execution. What seemed to be a promising mix of The Box and Final Destination, resulted in an uninspiring teen thriller that, at times, seemed more slapstick than a film that would grab your attention and fill its viewers with anxiety and tension. Wish Upon checks off many of the cliché boxes with respect to their storytelling and interactions between characters and provides little originality.

Wish Upon misses the mark in not finding an identity. It jumps from being a slasher, to being a teen comedy, to being a romance. This would not be problematic if it incorporated all of these facets into creating a film that takes advantage of these aspects, but it does little to allow for the story to seem as one that would be memorable. Wish Upon will leave audiences wishing they had made a different choice at the box office.
Nativity Rocks! (2018)
Nativity Rocks! (2018)
2018 | Comedy
5.0 (3 Ratings)
Movie Rating
It's becoming a habit for me that I haven't seen previous films in franchises, I apologise, at some point I'll find the time to get them all in. I'm led to believe that the Nativity films are all very similar in concept though.

Nativity Rock! is what would happen if School Of Rock did a Christmas remix, and it was definitely an enthusiastic way to edge into Christmas.

The jokes flow quite freely and Jerry spends basically his entire time being the comedy relief. His childish character became frustrating fairly quickly, but I can't argue with the fact he was amusing. I really need to find out how to do the invisible dog trick he's mastered.

What occurred to me quite quickly is that this film is ridiculous. There are story lines aplenty. All equally implausible. Some that seemingly defy the laws of time and motion when it comes to geography. Where they all needed? Probably not.

As far as the cast goes it's a wide group of familiar faces who generally do a good job of their parts... but even as a villain Craig Revel Horwood is just terrible, what is he even famous for?

There won't be awards waiting for this one, it doesn't have a massive amount going for it apart from the fact it's entertaining. I spent most of my time smiling and tapping my foot. It's not a masterpiece but it'll make a good Christmas diversion.

What you should do

If you're looking for a festive family outing then this isn't a bad option. I'd pick it second to The Grinch but I think either way the kids will have a good time.

Movie thing you wish you could take home

Jerry's unrelenting optimism, mine occasionally fluctuates.
Basket Case (1982)
Basket Case (1982)
1982 | Comedy, Horror
Basket full o' fun!
What would your life be like if you were a former conjoined twin, couldn't tell anyone about it, and then also carried around your now separated deformed, menacing killer twin in a wicker basket?

Thus the premise of this entertaining, yet goofy 80s horror comedy.

Awkward, nerdy Duane Bradley comes to stay at a low rate hotel with a scummy array inhabitants in search of a normal life. He is always carrying this large basket which he holds dearly, but won't let anyone look inside. The basket occasionally makes unusual sounds and shimmies every once in a while, but its contents remain a mystery.

He goes to a doctor's office only to unleash the basket contents on the unsuspecting physician. Turns out his now unattached deformed brother survived their separation operation and is now a menacing, killer globule out for revenge. The killing spree continues for the other doctors and random hotel inhabitants, but then Barry meets a girl he likes. She likes him back. Barry struggles to keep his new love away from his brother who can also read his thoughts.

Will love survive?

Along with films like Braindead, Society or even Re-Animator, Basket Case makes its case as a cult 80s classic. Yeah fine, the dialogue and acting are cheesy and sometimes over the top, but the gore and interesting practical effect kills are there for fun. The creation of the basket creature was interesting and not something I had seen before. Once the revenge plot element was revealed, you are sort of rooting on the separated twins to continue and complete their quest of carnage just so you can see more clever murder sequences.

If you don't take it seriously it's pretty fun.

Big Stone Gap (2015)
Big Stone Gap (2015)
2015 | Comedy, Romance
5.5 (2 Ratings)
Movie Rating
Wise County, Virginia in 1978. Ave Maria Mulligan (Ashley Judd), owner of the town pharmacy, director of the town’s outdoor drama. Ave having lived in Big Stone Gap all her life, is perfectly content in her place as the town spinster. Adriana Trigiani, the author of the book “Big Stone Gap” brings the little town with the big heart to the silver screen as the Director and Screenwriter.

We are taken by the hand from the opening scene where we Fleeta Mullins (Whoopi Goldberg) her acerbic assistant at the pharmacy; Ida Lou Wade (Jenna Elfman) best friend and Town Librarian; Theodore Tipton (John Benjamin Hickey) the school band director, star of the outdoor drama and Spec Broadwater (Anthony La Paglia) the town lawyer. These people are the pillars that help hold Ave up as her life gets upended with loss and challenges plus the awkward two-step of a courtship with Jack MacChesney (Patrick Wilson) whom she has known since childhood.

This film centers on relationships. The love of a mother and the secret that changes Ave’s path, the best friends on your side through thick and thin; the love that is timeless and enduring. Ashley Judd is exceptional, conveying to us what Ave’s feelings. Whoopi Goldberg delivering lines that are gems full of comedic punches; Jenna Elfman and Patrick Wilson(as Lyle Makin) giving a chaotic wedding scene with such physical humor that I wish could have gone on much longer.

This film is a Adriana Trigiani’s love story to the people of Big Stone Gap. The phenomenal ensemble of actors hook us in by charming us with comedy and warmth throughout the story, inviting the audience to be part of their town.
The Addams Family (1991)
The Addams Family (1991)
1991 | Comedy, Horror, Sci-Fi
Story: The Addams Family starts as we meet the family Morticia (Huston), Gomez (Julia), Lurch (Struycken), Wednesday (Ricci), Pugsley (Workman) and Thing (Hart) who have been trying to contact Uncle Fester after his disppearnce years before. Bring in Tully Alford (Hedaya) and his wife Margaret (Ivey) who want the Addams family fortune.

Tully and Abigail Craven (Wilson) use her son Gordon (Lloyd) to pretend to be Uncle Fester as he enters the house to find his share of the fortune but his adventure are nothing like he would expect as he has to deal with the unusual behaviour of the Addams family. It isn’t long before the family starts to question this Uncle Fester and soon begin to love the strange character even if he isn’t the man they thought he was.

The Addams Family is one of the true classic family comedy fantasy film that shows just how different we can see each person in our own family to be different. The interactions between the family are all twisted in a loving way where we could see others question while the interaction with the people outside the family all come off slightly awkward which sums up the family perfectly.

The con-artist side of the story comes off nicely as we can see how naïve a family can be but even with love people can change. The performances are all great with Raul Julia and Anjelica Huston have perfect chemistry as the father and mother of the family. The rest of the cast all give great performances that you can believe from start to finish with the uniqueness given to each character.


Overall: Underrated classic that hits on all of the unique style needed to make it truly stand out.
After Earth (2013)
After Earth (2013)
2013 | Action, Sci-Fi
5.4 (10 Ratings)
Movie Rating
Premise is interesting. (1 more)
Keeps you on your toes at times.
It's a bit boring at times. (3 more)
Will Smith's not really a presence as much as he should be.
The character progression is non existent with them all.
I don't mind either Jaiden or Will Smith, but feel like this wasn't suited too them. They felt restricted.
Will Smith
Contains spoilers, click to show
As Will Smith is a household name, more often than not you know him in some kind of comedy role, if not he has more presence on camera to show his true acting range. For a character that is hardly seen, I don't think this role suited him. Jaiden suited the character to an extent but when it came to the ghosting part, he was able to ghost so quickly, he was terrified like 10 minutes ago. He doesn't gradually learn to be brave it just happens which isn't true to his character. I actually don't mind watching this film, it has it's good bits. The relationship between them is clear, the father/son role definitely suits them (sounds obvious but not always the case with father/son actors). They manage to put a strain on their relationship in the film as opposed to in real life they are seriously close. The actual storyline is good, noticed how other films after (and perhaps before but I haven't seen any that came before) about monsters being blind but can sense smell, heat, touch and in this case, fear. It also had an underlying worldwide issue - earth turns on humans. Which I'm not surprised with the way we have treated it. I actually remember saying after watching this in the cinema that we really ought to start being more caring to the world. You never know it might happen!

Darren (64 KP) rated Joker (2019) in Movies

Oct 27, 2019  
Joker (2019)
Joker (2019)
2019 | Crime, Drama
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Nothing but it has to be pure greatness to be a ten. (0 more)
People misunderstand this film.
Watching Joker, I knew that this would not be your average DC film. Knowing this, I think this is why i enjoyed it and i can understand why a lot of people didn't. Arthur Fleck is isolated and bullied by society, He has dreams of being a comedian except,He's not very funny. Arthur takes jobs to earn money and also cares for his mum. Arthur is already a man on the edge, He takes pills every day to suppress a personality disorder. The further we go into the film the further, we feel Arthur's Pain. He does not fit in anywhere. Arthur just wants to be accepted and to make people happy through comedy. When a social service program receives funding cuts which stops him from having his medication. Arthur finds out a shattering piece of news, which, in his fragile state of mind, tips him over the edge.

I can't really say anymore with spoilers and i don't want to spoil the film for anyone who has not yet seen it. For me personally, I went in with the mindset of watching Joker as a film about a mentally ill and unstable man rejected by society. That's why i enjoyed it. If you go in expecting Batman to pop up then , My friends, You will be seriously disappointed.

All i can say is, it's a slow burner of a film and that is for good reason so we fully understand the trauma of being Arthur. I've no doubt if nominated Joaquin Phoenix will win all awards given out in awards season. His performance is that brilliant. Is he the best Joker though? ....We'll leave that up for debate.
How To Be Single (2016)
How To Be Single (2016)
2016 | Comedy, Romance
5.7 (3 Ratings)
Movie Rating
Being a single twenty something in New York City is one of the best and one of the worst things all at the same time. Alice (Dakota Johnson) thinks it is time to see what the single life is all about by take a “break” from her longtime boyfriend Josh (Nicholas Braun). Unfortunately as we all know things don’t always work out the way people want and Alice must figure out who she is. With the help of her friend Robin (Rebel Wilson) and her sister Meg (Leslie Mann), Alice faces the challenges and benefits that come with being single. While Alice is trying to find her way the plot looks into the lives of Tom (Anders Holm) the flirty bartender who would pretty much bang anything that walks, Lucy (Alison Brie) the crazed romantic who believes she can find the one, and Meg, Alice’s doctor sister who find out she wants everything she never wanted. “How to Be Single” shows us that we need to take time to find ourselves and that things do happen in time.

Directed by Christian Ditter and loosely based off of Liz Tuccillo’s novel How to Be Single the film is actually quite relatable. While it is not a necessity to be single, finding yourself is an essential part of life and people should explore new opportunities no matter what others tell them. As far as the acting goes, it was ok but nothing Oscar worthy. Also for a romantic comedy I feel this movie is more relatable then most, it shows that love isn’t perfect and instantaneous. I would recommend this film to people who are going to have a girl’s night, because to its core this movie came down to friendship. Would I see this film again? Sure, Rebel Wilson’s one liners in the film were hilarious and kept me hooked.
What's Your Number? (2011)
What's Your Number? (2011)
2011 | Comedy
5.8 (4 Ratings)
Movie Rating
According to a study published in a ladies’ magazine, the average woman will have a maximum of 10 sexual partners, and apparently, the higher your number of sexual partners, the lower your chances of ever finding Mr. Right. Ally, played by Anna Faris, takes this study to heart and after conducting her own study, masked as a bachelorette party game, she realizes her number is dangerously above average.

After running into an ex who went from disgusting to dashing, Ally decides her number can’t go up if she revisits the exes she’s already accumulated, to see if any others have made similar transformations. However, looking them up, even in the age of Google, proves to be a daunting task. Luckily for Ally, her cad of a neighbor, Colin, played by oft-naked Chris Evans, just happens to be quite skilled in cyber-snooping. In exchange for tracking down her exes, Colin gets to use Ally’s apartment to escape his one-night-stands that are just a little slow to leave.

I’m a sucker for a good romantic comedy, no matter how silly or predictable. I had high hopes for an Anna Faris-Chris Evans pairing. Both are easy on the eyes, endearingly charming and have great comic timing. Together, they provided the majority of the lighter moments and sure, they could both show off their exceptional physiques as often as they want and no one will complain. With slightly tamer glimpses of “Bridesmaids” and a few delightfully awkward moments, Faris proves yet again, she can carry a movie. Unfortunately, the story, based on a book by Karyn Bosnak, felt stretched to fill the running time of 106 minutes, even with a strong but underused cast of exes, that included Faris’ real-life love Chris Pratt, Andy Samberg and Joel McHale.