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Lucy (6 KP) is asking for a recommendation

Nov 14, 2018  
Recommend Me
Give me your favourite crime/thriller books. Psychological thrillers. Or some good books for my children aged 10, 6 and 4.
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Cori June (3033 KP) Nov 14, 2018

I enjoyed Sandman by Lars Kepler.


Christine A. (964 KP) Nov 14, 2018

For the kids, try Kingdom Keepers. Disney villains are trying to take over Disney parks and kids have to stop them.

The Woman in the Window
The Woman in the Window
A.J. Finn | 2018 | Thriller
8.0 (42 Ratings)
Book Rating
Suspenseful psychological thriller with all the aspects of a quick read. It’s an easy book to finish in one day, and you’ll enjoy it!
The Last Mrs. Parrish
The Last Mrs. Parrish
Liv Constantine | 2017 | Thriller
9.6 (9 Ratings)
Book Favorite

"A fun and fast-paced psychological thriller about two determined women who play a high stakes game of deception that only one can win."


Dean (6901 KP) rated The Gift (2000) in Movies

Dec 8, 2017 (Updated Dec 8, 2017)  
The Gift (2000)
The Gift (2000)
2000 | Drama, Thriller
Great cast (0 more)
Gripping Thriller
A cool psychological thriller with some neat twists. Great perfomances by all the leads, if you like thrillers like @Sleeping with the Enemy (1991) and @What Lies Beneath (2000) you'll enjoy this.