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Charley (62 KP) rated Pinterest in Apps

Jan 26, 2019  
Photo & Video, Social Networking
8.6 (237 Ratings)
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I am constantly on this app looking for all manners of inspiration. This is everything from displays for work ( I'm a teaching assistant) to things to put in my bullet journal.
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MrsSkefton (3 KP) created a post in Middle School English Teachers

Jul 25, 2018  
I guess most on here are in US? I’m a Teaching Assistant in Year 6 (UK). I cover teachers absence and admin time - often reading aloud to the class. Last year I worked with year 4 Monday pm and read Michael Morpurgo books including The Dancing Bear, Mr Nobody’s Eyes and Running Wild. I found them rather dry, hard to get engagement from the class. I am interested to hear recommendations for books for KS2 children.