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Blue Bloods  - Season 1
Blue Bloods - Season 1
2010 | Drama
Good decent cop show featuring family of cops led by tom selleck as the chief of police for new york i love watching this show and will continue to as long as they keep on making it
    The Lawless Years

    The Lawless Years

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    TV Show

    Barney Ruditsky is a New York City police officer in the Roaring '20s who fights organized crime....


Dean (6895 KP) rated Bulletproof in TV

Jun 23, 2018  
2018 | Action, Comedy, Drama
6.0 (11 Ratings)
TV Show Rating
Only 6 episodes (0 more)
Decent cop show
Produced by and starring Noel Clarke and Ashley Walters. It has plenty of action, shootouts and fights in every episode. Set mainly around a backdrop of East London. If you like a more action led police show this is easy viewing.

Dawn Marie (22 KP) rated Live PD in TV

Oct 29, 2018  
Live PD
2016 | Action, Crime, Documentary
9.0 (5 Ratings)
TV Show Rating
Not on more (0 more)
Best way to spend a Friday and Saturday night
Live PD follows police officers around live. Really love this show and look forward to when certain specific officers or K-9 s are on.