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Dean (6895 KP) rated The Deuce in TV

Sep 8, 2020  
The Deuce
The Deuce
2017 | Drama
8.0 (1 Ratings)
TV Show Rating
Great cast (0 more)
A great TV show
A great TV show, with a big cast. Looking at a small area of New York near Times Square and the many characters of the area.
Starting in the 70's and ending up in the mid 80's by the 3rd series. It takes in how porn, organised crime, police, technology all play a part in shaping the area and effect the lives of those involved.
Each series set at a slightly different era. The first 2 series were very good and the shorter 3rd series is OK. Well worth checking out for the wide array of characters caught up with life in The Deuce.
    Broadcastify Pro

    Broadcastify Pro

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Sarah (7794 KP) rated Line of Duty - Season 1 in TV

Apr 22, 2019 (Updated Apr 22, 2019)  
Line of Duty  - Season 1
Line of Duty - Season 1
2012 | Drama
Deserving of the hype
Over the past few months, one of the shows that I kept getting told to watch is Line of Duty. Nearly everyone I know is raving about this, and despite the fact that they’re all on series 5, I decided to give this a go from the very first series. And for the most part, this is fairly deserving of the hype.

Police dramas have inundated our screens over the past few years, and it’s unusual to find ones that rise above average - Luther is one, and now I think Line of Duty is another. This has at least found a new angle on the police instead of the usual murder mystery, focusing on the Anti Corruption unit. Whilst I’m pretty sure AC isn’t anywhere nearly as interesting in real life (and indeed the real life name of Professional Standards used for the unit by most actual police forces isn’t as catchy either), Line of Duty at least makes this highly entertaining and intriguing. Corruption sounds boring, but in this it really isn’t and is full of twists and turns and reveals throughout the series. It has a great cast too that really helps and isn’t afraid to show a bit of blood and violence. As sad as I am, I also enjoyed the little nods to real police - the modern glass plated buildings and the police lanyards etc - these made this a lot more relatable.

This isn’t perfect though. I sometimes found some of the jumps in storyline confusing and I don’t feel like everything was wrapped up at the end of the series. I also found that the three main AC12 character weren’t very well developed and there could have been more done to show their backgrounds or personal lives. I don’t doubt that this will be expanded in later series, but it would’ve been nice to see it here! I am however very much looking forward to seeing the next few series.
Audrey Bloom is excited when the reality TV show Fix My Wedding is coming to town, especially when she gets to design the bridal bouquet. Okay, so the bride is a bit bell obsessed, but she can make it work. Unfortunately, that becomes the least of her problems when one of the hosts of the show is killed and the police begin to suspect Audrey’s former boyfriend, a production assistant on the show.

This series is already on my favorites list after just two books. The characters are wonderful and the so real. This applies to the series regulars and the suspects in this book. The plot is intriguing and kept the surprises coming until the end. Add in a dash of humor, and you’ve got another winner.

NOTE: I was sent an ARC of this book in exchange for my honest review.

Read my full review at <a href="">Carstairs Considers</a>.
    3D Police Car Parking

    3D Police Car Parking


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    Chasing down the most wanted outlaws in your cop car is one thing you need to do as a cop. As a...

Automan: The Complete Series
Automan: The Complete Series
1983 | Action, Adventure, Crime
8.0 (2 Ratings)
Excellent special effects (0 more)
Sci fi
This show ran for 1 season between 1983 - 1984.
Made by the same people that brought us Tron.
Based around a police detective who isn't allowed out to patrol the streets on orders from his captain as he's a wizard with computers.
So he decides to make a computer generated superhero to help him fight crime, who he calls automan the world's first automatic man aided by his friend cursor who can create anything in the blink off an eye he sets off to fight crime.
Man Like Mobeen
Man Like Mobeen
2017 | Comedy
9.0 (1 Ratings)
TV Show Rating
Hilarious (1 more)
Tackles stereotypes
From the BBC: All Mobeen wants to do is follow his faith, lead a good life and make sure his sister fulfils her potential. But can he juggle this with his criminal past always chasing him?

This show is absolutely hilarious, set in Birmingham it follows Mobeen as he attempts to raise his sister, look after his mates (who need all the help they can get) and follow his faith. However with idiot police, the new drug dealers and (un)helpful family/friends life gets a little difficult.