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Mar 30, 2018  
A Cry in the Night
A Cry in the Night
Mary Higgins Clark | 1982 | Mystery, Thriller
8.0 (1 Ratings)
Book Rating
Depth of characters, amazing prose, chilling suspense (0 more)
The set up was a little rushed (0 more)
Chilling Suspense
    Suspense OTR

    Suspense OTR

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    Old Time Radio Suspense will captivate you with spin tingling tales that will keep you guessing who...

Get Out (2017)
Get Out (2017)
2017 | Horror, Thriller
Clever storyline (5 more)
Some superb acting by main cast members
Efficient use of Suspense, Comedy and Horror
Uses undertones of Politics to drive the overall story and premise
A brilliant directorial debut for Jordan Peele
Ending was not obvious at all. Kept you in suspense until the last moment
Some twists felt obvious (1 more)
It just lacked a certain something to make this a perfect film
A politically powered Suspense Horror

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