A Cold Christmas and the Darkest of Winters

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A Cold Christmas and the Darkest of Winters

2021 | Horror | Science Fiction/Fantasy

A Cold Christmas and the Darkest of Winters is a collection of Christmas- and winter-themed short stories from an international group of authors with diverse perspectives. Each of the stories was selected for the incredible world building, character development, and fantastic storytelling. The collection is divided into two groups: stories that include Christmas or have a Christmas theme, and stories that take place in winter. None of the stories are for the faint of heart, and we strongly advise that everyone read the content notes in their entirety.

The Christmas tales are a mixture of profound loss and familiar fantasy with a fresh twist. The fantasy Christmas stories are a mixture, ranging from tales of despair and frustration to those with hope, delight, and an amusing twist.

The darkest of winter begins with a whimsical fantasy tale, followed by some paranormal tales that will leave you feeling haunted. Also included are dark contemporary, dark fantasy, chilling and brutal horror, and postapocalyptic science fiction. The contemporary works include twisted tales of sadness and loss. There are no purely happy endings, but there are many thrills, chills,and surprises.

The full list of contributing authors is included below:

Kisstopher Musick
Archita Mittra
Elyse Russell
Alexis Hansen
Cynthia McDonald
Vashelle Nino
Sebastian Vice
Angelo Lorenzo
T. War Powers Tilden
A.M. Weald
Chad Musick
Ashe Thurman
Katie Groom
Joe Haward
Hector Duarte Jr.
Zoe Markham
Gwen C. Katz
Andre Santana
Roy Christopher
Frances Ogamba
Phoenix Blackwood

Published by Cinnabar Moth Publishing LLC

Edition Kindle
Language English

Dark Fantasy Horror

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