Blood Moon (Wildeward Academy #3)

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Blood Moon (Wildeward Academy #3)

2020 | Paranormal | Romance

Spring is in the air and so are the lust demons and luck imps. You know—cupids and leprechauns. The campus is an infested twitterpated muddle. However, dodging the imps’ snares may be the least of my worries when ghosts set their sights on me.

My name is Victoria Grey. I’m a witch with a curse to break and a coterie to claim.

Wildeward is an academy for magicals and monsters. Home for lost souls. Asylum for those they want forgotten. A golden cage I don’t want to leave, but I cannot stay.

Blood and magic found five men of Wildeward to save me: Doyle, my vampire professor; Jekyll and Hyde, the contrary werewolf brothers; Frankie, the shy doctor with a secret; and Achoris, the sleeping oracle who haunts my dreams. Some would call them monsters, but will they be mine?

New classes have started, but my peers and professors distrust my newfound abilities. Someone is always watching me. While Regina is on a mission to oust me, Dr. Stein will do anything to possess me. Within the coterie, loyalties will be tested and bonds will be forged. The Hunters may have gone to ground, but something big is coming.

It’s going to take more than a little lust and a lot of luck to get out of this trap. I’m afraid my demons will only be satisfied with my blood.

This is a Reverse Harem series with some light m/m content and a non-bully romance. Recommended for mature readers.

Edition Kindle
Language English

Reverse Harem Paranormal Romance Historical

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